GALIOT Solutions for Aircraft Operators
(airlines, helicopters and small jet operators)

Safety, safety, safety and beyond!!! A systematic and explicit approach to manage safety is nowadays a primary concern for all aircraft and helicopters operators. The Safety Management System, as defined by ICAO and EASA, identifies also document management and safety assurance as the standard and mandatory parts for aviation industry worldwide.

To meet these requirements, in addition to Safety Management, GALIOT Airline Solution includes also support for Audit management, Document management and Staff training/licences management. Besides GALIOT Airline System (licensed per server and deployed at the customers’s own discretion), for small aircraft/helicopters operators, an affordable and flexible GALIOT Cloud (software-as-a-service) option is also available.

Compliance requirements and regulations are the same for aircraft operators of all sizes, but in many aspects, the differences between large airlines and small aircraft/helicopters operators are huge. For small operators it is much more difficult to provide substantial financial, organisational and personal resources required.

That is why we have developed GALIOT Cloud (software-as-a-service) solution for small operators with many predefined templates, standards and best practice included, where all safety-related operator activities could be managed with one comprehensive, modular and affordable tool.

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